Booking Sizers

Do you have a design and are now ready to size your athletes?

Use the form below to book sizers! This is the most accurate way to do sizing.

We carry a limited number of uniform, practice and warm up suit sizers. Please ensure you book sizers well in advance to secure your preferred time.

Sizers can be rented for a period of 1 week only. 

Pricing listed below:
1. Women and Youth Girls Uniform Sizers - $75
    2. Women and Youth Girls Practice Sizers - $75
    3. Women and Youth Jackets and Warm-up Pants - $75
    4. All Men Sets (Uniform or Jacket/Warm-up Pants) - $75 each

Shipping Date & Return Date
-FullSwag Apparel INC. has factor 3 days of Shipment to your location & 3 days return shipment back to FullSwag Apparel INC for all locations in Canada) (International Locations: 7 days shipment to location - 7 days return shipment back to FullSwag Apparel INC.) . Due to the nature of late postal services: Lost of shipment, strikes and weather may take into effect.

This fee covers, one week rental, shipping costs to and from your location within Canada (INTERNATIONAL rental fees vary by location and client will be responsible for shipping sizers back to FullSwag Apparel with a shipment tracking number). Clients that keep sizers longer may be charged a late fee of $10 or more per day.

- All FullSwag sizing kits must be returned clean and free of stains and body odour. Anything returned will be assessed and an additional cleaning fee will be charged if required.

-FullSwag sizing kits  may not be altered to fit and must be returned in their original condition. If a costume is returned altered or damaged, fees will be charged.

Damages or Lost Sizer Products
- Normal wear and tear on sizing kits is expected and won’t incur extra charges. Damage beyond normal wear and tear will incur damage charges above the security deposit. Damage charges will be assessed for broken zippers, detached garment pieces, make-up or other permanent stains or any other damage that renders the costume not rentable. It includes the cost of the supplies needed to restore the garment to its original state as well as labor costs. Major damage to the sizing kits, including irreparable tears, or irreversible marks will be assessed at the replacement value of the sizers. Lost sizers will be assessed with a lost product fee of the replacement value of the product.

FullSwag Apparel INC and its employees are not responsible for accidents or injuries related directly or indirectly from the use of the rented item

You agree to the terms and conditions of FullSwag Apparel INC Sizing process agreement by filling out the form below and when full payment of rental fee has been approved.