Welcome to the FAMILY!

We are excited to share that we are going to be running contests with some really great prizes. Save this page or subscribe to our newsletter to find out when contests will be running and what the prizes will be!

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Contest #1: Reveal Videos

Dates: March 15th - May 15th, 2024

Prizes: The chosen top reveal video will win free FullSwag Apparel practice tops for their WHOLE team! A roster and permission to use your Teams or Gyms logo for the apparel will be required.

Details: We want to see your reveal videos! We will happily feature the top reveal videos on our socials to help spread the word about your team and gym. We encourage this to be a team bonding activity, but it is not required. Take a look at our Instagram reels for some inspiration!


  • Your video should feature and highlight your FullSwag apparel only. These can be ANY items that we made for you! Some examples, practice wear, uniforms, bows and so on.
  • The video must be 30-90 seconds long.
  • This should go without say - all videos must be "Rated G". Please refrain from using anything that may be considered explicit or suggestive. 
  • Please only use license free music, free of explicit words. Feel free to use clips of your cheer music!
  • Please only use license free video content. For example, you shouldn't include any video footage from an event that the event owns the rights to. (Isn't it silly that some event companies do that?)
  • If you are under 18 years of age please receive permission from your guardian to be featured on our socials. This goes for all participants in the video. 

How it will be judged:
We will choose the top reveal video by judging it on the following criteria

  • Creativity / Uniqueness 
  • Participation of Athletes (The more the athletes the better!)
  • How well you feature your FullSwag apparel (We want to see those details - rhinestones, colors, team names or logos)

How to submit your video:
Upload your video to your own or your cheer gyms Instagram and/or TikTok and tag us @fullswagapparel

Good luck, and most importantly have fun!